The Christian Hunt – Code Name: Where’s Waldo

The history of the Roman Church, more precisely the Roman Catholic Church is filled with the oppression, torture, and killing of true believers. The Vatican has essentially always been a tyrannical government masquerading as a religious institution. Anyone who did not submit to the dictatorial power and command of the Vatican was considered a heretic and in centuries past, executed for their beliefs.

The Waldensians were a group of believers who originated in the town of Lyon, France in late 1170’s. Their name is derived from the movements progenitor, Peter Waldo. Peter Waldo, who was a wealthy merchant from the town of Lyon came under deep conviction for sin while listening to a troubadour which at the time were known to often sing ballads about the saints.

Recognizing in the Scriptures from Christ’s very words what seemed like the surest path of salvation, Waldo moved accordingly to the instruction given to the rich young ruler to sell all possessions and give the money to the poor.

As Waldo’s spiritual maturity increased, he would soon be sharing the Gospel on the streets to a group of attentive followers which were known by names such as the Poor Men of Lyon, The Poor of God, and Waldensians among others.

The Waldensians continued to grow in number and spread throughout the Alps reaching into northern Italy. Eventually, these very faithful believers who followed the Scriptures closely and knew them well would be considered a threat by local Roman bishops who had left the people unattended in their own ministries.

As Roman bishops became more and more resentful of the strength and commitment of the Waldensians, Rome would soon condemn them as heretics which has historically amounted to a death sentence.

The Waldensians would soon be driven into the mountains and from there, but by the grace of God, successfully survive repeated attacks from Rome for a number of years. But the savage persecution and killing of the Waldensians by the Roman Catholic Church would continue until the 1800’s and most likely even to this very day, covertly.

What is significant to this is that early on, the Waldensians would take their ministry underground and begin spreading the Gospel from town to town in secret meetings. Obviously the reason for this was that they were being hunted by the Roman church and were answering the call to spread the Good News even secretly if they had no other choice.

We can also surmise that Peter Waldo would have been the most sought after by Roman agents and that his capture or killing a priority. Peter Waldo’s date and cause of death is uncertain but it is possible that he died in Germany in the early 13th century having never been captured.

Where is this leading to?

When we consider that this group of sincere and devout followers of the Word of God were persecuted and hounded throughout Europe for most of the 2nd millennia, and that it’s safe to assume that Peter Waldo and the Waldensians were hunted down like foxes, the theme for this story of Christian persecution begins to give new meaning to the phrase, ‘Where’s Waldo?’

Is this comical character who is sought out amidst the cartoonish sketchings of various crowds symbolic of that rare Christian who is mixed in among societies populous? And how is Waldo identified? By the color of his clothing. Is the red and white striped colors of his long-sleeve shirt and toboggan recognized elsewhere as symbolic of Christianity? Isn’t the Christmas candy-cane representative of the shepherd’s staff with the red stripe being the Blood of Christ that washes us white, like the other stripe?

And who do we know that seems to have a certain fetish for the ‘Where’s Waldo’ accessory? Doesn’t George H. W. Bush receive a new pair of red and white striped socks every year where he so vividly – or vilely – displays them to all the world?

A strange image related to the missing Malaysian commercial jetliner, MH370 has a man, evidently on a beach somewhere in the Indian Ocean working on a massive sand sculpture symbolic of the airplane. What is peculiar about this photograph is the long-sleeved, red and white striped shirt the artist is wearing.

Though a connection from the missing Malaysian airliner to Christian persecution cannot be made at this point, there is a connection to something or someone(s) being searched for and this sand-sculpting artist wearing what appears to resemble a ‘Where’s Waldo’ shirt.

It is my assertion that the ‘Where’s Waldo’ theme is being used as an occult code if you will for a global yet secretive hunt and identification of true and devout Christian believers.

And it’s only going to take one major event for the hunt to begin. The hounds are barking and yelping and pulling at the leash. The riders are already mounted on their steeds which are themselves snorting and raring to go. One False Flag. One EMP going off over some economic or political district. One precisely timed and well-targeted ELF wave from a HAARP deflector satellite that triggers a natural disaster that takes down the grid. Some loose aircraft retrofitted with some loose nuke bound for Chernobyl and Fukushima’s successor.

The time of Jacob’s trouble is not about Jacob, it’s about Waldo. Waldo is Jacob. Waldo is the prize. Waldo is the fox in the hunt and it should come as no surprise.

by Keith Kampschaefer (5/25/2014)


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