Starcraft 2 Terran Vs Zerg Strategy Guide – How to Counter Zerg Guide in SC2

Are you playing as the Terran and need to know how to counter a good Zerg player in Starcraft 2? If you want to know how to beat a good Zerg player in SC2, there are a couple of things you will need to know.

Since Starcraft 2 has gone out of beta, Zerg players tend to want to expand their bases early. This can put you in a difficult spot mid-game if you are unprepared. To defend against this tactic, begin by making a Supply Depot at 9 as well as Barracks at 12. When these buildings are in the process of being made, send out some scouts to spy on your enemy’s expansion.

When you have confirmed that they are planning to expand early, construct a Refinery at 14 supply and seal off you ramp to prevent a Zerg rush. Train Marines and set their rally points at the enemy’s expo. Produce a Factory instead of a second Barrack because Factories can be used to further seal off your ramp. As your Marines gets near to their rally point, construct a Bunker next to their Hatchery, ensuring that it is within firing range. This will be enough to undermine the early expansion strategy.

Another common strategy that you must know how to defend against is the Zergling rush. First, strategically place supply depots to block off all entrances to your base. However, this will not be enough to defend a good player because Banelings can easily break through your barrier.

Instead, build a Factory quickly and start to make Hellions. Hellions are effective against groups of Zerglings and can eliminate them quickly. When this is correctly implemented, you will have no problem winning the match.

These are just one of the many expert techniques Diamond rank players use. Want to learn more advanced strategies to prepare you for any attacks?

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