Newburgh on Ythan – A Golf Interview From Newburgh Golf Links

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Newburgh on Ythan is a championship links golf course situated on the stunning links coast of Aberdeenshire – the same stretch of land where Donald Trump wishes to build his new Hotel and Golf Complex. Originally a 9 hole golf course, Newburgh on Ythan was extended back in 1996. Its a great links course with a closing 9 holes needing accurate shot making from tee to green.

Mark Sinclair is the Club Captain for Newburgh on Ythan Golf Club and no better person for a unique insight into this championship links course.

1. What’s the best hole on the course?

18th – Previously, it was the longest Par 5 in Scotland and is still regarded by many as one of the finest closing holes around. A real tester if you have got a score going!

2. And the worst? (or the hole the members would like to change most)

There are no bad holes, but there are some changes required at the 6th hole and we have development plans in place.

3. What’s the most remarkable shot you’ve ever seen played here? (or heard about)

I have heard lots of stories about taking gentlemen having to take a Driver at the 148yard Par 3 16th! Yes, it can sometimes get windy!

4. What’s the most remarkable round you’ve ever seen played here? (or heard about)

Last October a scratch player shot 67 at our course of the championship tees. The course plays 6423yards and it was bout 5degC that day. That was very impressive.

5. Which is the most deceptive hole? (looks benign but can trip you up)

Definitely the 1st. It measures 385yards and is a Par 4. However, it is uphill and usually in to wind and it plays more like 450yards. Most players are happy to accept a 5 any day.

6. What’s the most important part of your game to bring here? (driving, irons, putting, recovery shots and so on)

It is very advisable to hit it straight and to not try to hit it big. Otherwise, bring plenty of balls as the gorse beckons!

7. Is the course popular with women?

Yes, we have a very active ladies section with a lot of single figure handicappers. They meet on Wednesday nights.

8. Which of your junior members shows most promise?

Jack Moir is 11 years old and is playing of 16.

9. Is the CSS usually above par, matching par or below par?

Our Par is 72 and the CSS is mostly 72 or 73 and very occasionally 74.

10. Which green can you least afford to miss?

Right of the 2nd or short of the 8th greens both spell trouble. Missing the 9th on either side normally means lost ball.

11. Which green is the most difficult to putt?

The 6th green has three levels

12. Which one feature (tree, water hazard, bunker etc) would you most like to remove? (like Eisenhower’s tree on the 17th at Augusta National).

Out of bounds to the right of the 17th

13. Who’s the most famous person, not a Tour golfer, to have played here?

The crown Prince of Siam. Donald Trump is also an honorary member.

14. Which member has achieved most in golf?

Paul Lawrie is an honorary member and he supports our Junior programme for which we are most grateful.

15. If money was no object, what would you change about the course?

We have a professionally written long term development plan and this would be accelerated if money was no object.

16. Honestly, do members see visitors as a necessary source of income, or do they welcome them with warmth?

We are proud of our relaxed and informal atmosphere and visitors are welcome with open arms seven days a week.

17. Do visitors usually walk off the 18th with a smile or a frown?

Definitely a big smile.

18. Which run of holes is the most difficult to negotiate?

7 through 12.

19. Where do you need to take advantage in order to score well?

3 through 6 and 13 through 15

20. Which would you say are the strongest; the par threes, fours or fives?

The par threes. Three 3’s is a terrific achievement for any level of golfer.

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