Best Golf Books By Dave Pelz

When it comes to finding the best golf books on the short game and golf putting, you don’t need to look any further than Dave Pelz! There is no one in the game, who is more respected or has gained more experience and knowledge about the short game than the former NASA scientist.

With several decades worth of scientific research and experience of studying thousands of golfers from all over the world, Dave Pelz knows that 80% of strokes lost to par, are down to golfers play within 100 yards of the green. So if you want to reduce your handicap and lower your scores, you need to improve your short game performance.

Have a look below to learn more about the best golf books by Dave Pelz.

Short Game Bible – In this great golf book Dave Pelz breaks down all of the shots that are required within 100 yards of the green, including chipping, lob shots, bunker play, wedges and distance wedges, and shows you in manageable lessons, the correct techniques for playing each shot.

Through his years of research and observations Dave Pelz recognizes that no matter how skilled you are as a player, your chances of holing a put are significantly reduced once your putt is outside what he likes to call ‘the golden eight feet’! ‘Short Game Bible’ is all about helping you get within this golden eight feet, so you can start dramatically reducing your scores.

Putting Bible – One of the best golf books on putting you will ever find. This fully comprehensive guide to putting covers everything from ways to improve your artistic senses with rhythm, stability, feel, touch and reading greens, to the more technical issues like stroke mechanics and methods of putting.

Using his vast amount of scientific and analytical knowledge, Dave Pelz breaks the putting game down into 15 different aspects, which are fully explained and easy to understand. With great visual aids in the form of photos, graphs and charts, this book is an excellent read if you want to take your golf putting to the next level.

Golf Without Fear – This is Pelz’s latest and one of his best golf books to be released, and shows you how to conquer the 10 most feared shots in golf. This is the first book to use a new photographic technique to help illustrate his teachings, called ‘Golfer’s Eye View’ created by hall of fame golf photographer Leonard Kamsler.

‘Golf Without Fear’ will show you, and tell you, why these shots are feared the most, the solutions to overcome them and step by step instruction on how to execute them with confidence in the future. This is certainly one of the best golf books for helping you to make winners out of even your worst nightmare shots.

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